Voice Calculator is powered by an advanced voice recognition engine. Simply ask your phone and it will calculate and speak the answer in real human voice. The calculator that knows your voice and talks back to you!

With Voice Calculator, ask your phone "one million" "divided by" "five" "equal"? It speaks the answer back to you. It's that simple!

Voice Calculator recognizes thousands of number combinations. With the customizable voice command option, you can even personalize your own commands. How about speaking "tip" to hear the tipping amount?

Voice Calculator is designed to let you easily switch between the traditional finger input mode and the voice input mode. Voice Calculator does NOT require Internet connection to function. No cellular connection, no Wi-Fi, no problem!

Voice Calculator is the next generation smart calculator. It is your personal math assistant!

Advanced voice recognition engine
Voice over with real human voices
No Internet connection required
Customizable voice commands
Adjustable recognition accuracy rate
Select between Natural and Digit only speech pattern
Voice mode feedback
Currency symbols
Decimal rounding options
Shake to clear result
Running total display
Reusable calculation log and expression


-Works on all iOS devices with build-in or add-on Microphone.

-Use voice recognition in quiet environment for best results.

-Only supports English language in current version.

-Scientific calculator coming soon.

-Native iPad version coming soon.

A. We currently support English language only. We are working to add more languages


A. You can speak many number combinations (see How should I speak numbers?) and the following calculator operation commands:

"All Clear"; "Clear"; "Plus"; "Minus"; "Multiply by"; "Divided by"; "Equal"; "Negative"; "Percent"; "Point"; "Left Parenthesis"; "Right Parenthesis"; "Tax"; "Tip".


A. Each spoken number or operator is a command and therefore requires a quick pause to allow the speech engine to process each command.


A. The default Natural speech pattern accepts wide range of voice inputs. Following are some examples:

123 accepts "one hundred twenty three" or "one twenty three"

1.23 accepts "one" "point" "two" "three"

1,234 accepts "one thousand" "two hundreds" "thirty four" or "twelve hundreds" "thirty four"

123,456 accepts "one hundred twenty three thousands" "four hundreds fifty six

The Digit Only speech pattern setting accepts single digit voice inputs only, however this settings returns higher recognition match.


A. Yes, you can add your own pronunciations to any number combinations. For example: you can add and say "Car Payment" to be recognized as "200".

Goto Settings/Numbers and start adding your own pronunciations.

Note: We currently do not allow cutomize decimal numbers.


A. No, but you can customize existing operation commands. For example: you can add "Times" to be recognized as the "Multiply by" operation command.

Goto Settings/Operators and start adding your own pronunciations.


A. No, The Voice Calcultor's speech engine is stored on your device locally and therefore does NOT require Internet connection.


A. We currently support English language only. We are working to add more languages.


A. Yes, we use professionally recorded voices.


A. Yes, we are working on it.


A. Yes, we are working on it.


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